About us

Zurich School of Samba is Rio-style drum section working to grow into a fully-fledged carnival Samba school. Englishman Dave got infected with Samba in Scotland and brought his fever to Switzerland, where he founded the Zurich School of Samba and has since been joined by drummers of all kinds of nations.

Do you have a sense of rhythm and want to discover Samba? Want to shake more than your bootie? Get to know the Chocalho? Rub the Reco-reco? Hit the Agogô? Drum on a Tamborim, Surdo or Caixa?

Sign-up with for a FREE FIRST SESSION with us at Meetup.com

Or drop us a note and come by one Thursday night!

We hold beginners sessions and practice for regulars once a week in Zurich-Altstetten.


Thursdays 19:00 – 20:00 (everyone welcome)

Thursdays 20:00 – 22:30 (regulars and experienced joiners)

Quartierfabrik verti.igo
Bändlistrasse 86C
8064 Zürich

Members samba as much as they want, occasional visitors pay per session. First try-out is free. If you can play and we get on together, you are welcome to join the Association. Our Association is nonprofit, and membership fees go towards instrument maintenance, room rental, workshops from experts and promotion in the community.